The main studio has a full track lighting system, and  is suitable for portraiture and still-life photography. It is equipped with four Bowens Pro-Lite studio flash units, complete with brollies, snoot and other accessories.

There is a changing room with lights and mirrors, and several props are available, along with the facility to use your own backing papers or other backgrounds. Various colours of backgroud paper are available. 

The studio can be booked in advance through an online booking system.

Beginners Studio Workshops
There’s a lot to learn about studio work so we run free studio workshops for beginners from October to May. The dates are not fixed, but you can expect one session a month with dates being announced via EPS group email. 
Sessions are aimed at beginners new to studio and portraiture. Every session begins with a recap to allow members to join any week – even if you’ve missed a few earlier sessions you should still be able to fully participate in any individual session. 
Sessions are fun and informal with a start time of roughly 7:30pm – with inductions and recaps taking place from 7pm. 
We use a studio mannequin as the model for most of our sessions.
Studio lights-Studio-V2

Malkit Bening

Studio model-Studio V2

Malkit Bening

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