Most photographers, however advanced they are, are interested in learning and developing as a photographer. EPS provides a range of learning opportunities for members. These include:

Tutorials, usually on software systems such as Lightroom or Topaz AI. Joe Houghton, who is a Lightroom wizard, is a regular tutorial presenter.

Demonstrations and workshops, where experienced members demonstrate how to use equipment such as studio lighting or darkroom equipment. Each year, we also run demonstrations for those new to printing about how to print with Lightroom and how to mount prints.

Competitions, where experienced judges comment on and can give advice how to improve your images.

Show-and-tell evenings where groups such as the CD group and the Nature group share images and suggest how these could be improved.

The Phoenix group, where experienced photographers show their work and critique each other’s images.

Reading and viewing lists, where members share a list of websites and videos on particular topics. This is a new venture that I hope can be made to work for session 2024-25. Currently, we have some suggested reading on photography and artificial intelligence

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