History of the Edinburgh Photographic Society

Peter Stubbs, Church Hill, Edinburgh. September 2014. ©Doug Berndt 2014

Founded in 1861, Edinburgh Photographic Society was one of the first photographic societies in the world. Eminent early photographers, such as Octavius Hill (Wikipedia link) were members and it is fair to say that EPS played a major role in the development of British photography.

We are fortunate that one of our members, Peter Stubbs (1945-2023) was a keen amateur historian and he created a very comprehensive web site recording the history of EPS (as well as other information about Edinburgh local history).  Sadly, Peter’s web site was hacked in 2022 and badly corrupted. He was restoring this site when he died in December 2023. 

Obituary, Peter Stubbs FRPS AFIAP

Fortunately, there is a copy of Peter’s site (edinphoto.org.uk) on the Internet Archive. We hope to restore much of this site but it is a huge undertaking and we don’t know when we might finish the work.

However, David Ferguson, another EPS member, has copied information from the web archive and has done a magnificent job in creating a printable copy of the history of EPS (PDF download)

On the occasion of EPS’s 150th anniversary, Peter wrote a brief history of EPS


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