W4-Eamonn Cullen Pebble on the beach-cd-v2

Eamonn Cullen

W2-Sue Hamilton - Camels-cd-v2

Sue Hamilton

W3-John Fotheringham The Clyde-cd-v2

John Fotheringham

W1-Candia Peterson Candia cd-v2

Candia Peterson

The CD group

The CD Group is an active sub-group that meets on Monday evenings. We meet at the Society’s premises in Great King Street, Edinburgh or on Zoom. Most in-person meetings are also streamed on Zoom.

Why is it called ‘CD’ group? That’s because we are interested in all aspects of photography from capture to display and everything in between. There are lots of photographic C’s from creative and camera, to composition via cropping and competitions. The D’s bring us depth of field, DSLR, dynamic range, dodge and burn and darkroom! We enjoy all of these things and many others and there is no easy summary – hence CD! 

We enjoy exploring different genres and experimenting with different approaches whilst having fun and exploring the world of photography. Our programme includes lectures, workshops, competitions and informal critique nights. We also have an annual Photo Safari where members work in teams to create a portfolio of images on a theme. The creativity and skills shown by the groups is always inspiring. 

We have three competitions and they determine the winners of our trophies. The trophies are the Gwyer Shield for the Online competition, the Digital Challenge Cup, for an image that demonstrates post-capture editing and the Cunningham Cup for a themed panel of three images. The Advanced and Intermediate cups are awarded for the best and second-best performance in competitions.

Isobel Lindsay is the group secretary and Alistair Cowan is the competition secretary. 

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