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Many members of the EPS maintain their own photography websites to display their work. The links below will take you to some of these sites.

Edinburgh Photographic Society takes no responsibility for the content of member’s websites and does not endorse any products or services offered by members through their personal sites.

Sally Anderson (

I am primarily a news/press photographer with many publications in national newspapers and magazines. A selection of these can be found in a gallery on my website. I am an eclectic photographer but I particularly enjoy landscape, wildlife travel and event photography. I have a Licentiate distinction with the Royal Photographic Society. I have a large portfolio of stock images on

Deborah and Duncan Armour (

Wildlife and landscape photography

Muriel Binnie (
Muriel Binnie is an abstract landscape photographer using ICM and multiple exposures to capture the essence and mood of a scene. Some colourful iPhone abstracts of every day objects too.

Carol Casselden (

Michael Caithness (

Ian Davey (

Peter Farmer (
Wildlife and its habitat.

David Ferguson (https://www.david-ferguson.com
Travel has been a long standing passion and, in photography, I look for the opportunity to gain a deeper connection with the places I have the privilege to visit.  I enjoy exploring the world so come share my journey through the looking glass. was a creative project born out of not being able to travel during the covid lockdowns. Something different and hopefully something that I will get back to work on again one day.

David Greer (https://djgr33r.myportfolio.com

Olly Headey (
Olly is a photographer based in Edinburgh. His work focuses primarily on street photography and travel, where he looks to capture the hidden beauty of daily city life. 

Joe Houghton (
Joe Houghton is a photography trainer who offers talks, judging, and online training in photography. He has written 3 books on photography with more in the pipeline.

Alan Jones (
A photographer specialising in wildlife, sport, landscapes, events and street photography – and travel when I can. My type of photography focuses on the world about us – in the moment. What excites me is capturing images which are impossible or very difficult to repeat -“a brief history in time”.

Maggie Manson (
Wildlife and Wild Places

David McCarthy (

Peter Paterson (
I have been doing photography for over 50 years Starting in the Darkroom now fully Digital during this time I have gained several distinctions a Fellowship of the RPS, an MPAGB and a MFIAP.

Chris Morson (

Frank Murrell (

Candia Peterson (

Nancy Pinkerton (

Grahame Smith (
GWS Photography

Ian Sommerville (
I became a photographer through my interests in hill-walking and the outdoors.  I’m not a  fan of the idea that images should speak for themselves and strongly believe that all images are improved with appropriate commentary.

Neil Scott (
Neil has been a member of EPS since 2006. He used to enter FIAP approved salons leading to his EFIAP/s.  He was also elected FRPS in 2012.  His main photographic interests are people, especially street photography, and still life/abstract/surreal stuff.  His ABC of photography is to Amuse, Bemuse and Confuse.

Donald Stirling (
Recently retired transport consultant with a keen interest in transport photography, particularly railways, buses, trucks and ferries.  Membership of the Society has broadened my horizons in terms of genres.  Whether my techniques have improved is open to debate!

Duncan Thomson (

Douglas Vernimmen  (,

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