L2-1671_001_1_Bookends Duncan Thomson-v2

Duncan Thomson

L1_1608_the scream Nancy Conley Pinkerton-v2

Nancy Conley Pinkerton

L1_1472_Catch of the Day Mr John Fotheringham-v2

John Fotheringham

L1_0721_In the woods David Buchanan-v2

David Buchanan

Members' Exhibitions

Members’ Exhibition are opportunities for members to show their work to other members and to a wider audience. We hold two members’ exhibitions annually:

  • The EPS annual members’ exhibition is held in our clubrooms in spring. Members may submit prints, digital images and audio-visual presentations. Awards are made in various categories for prints, digital images and AV presentations. A full list of awards is included in our member’s handbook.
  • The Central Library exhibition is held in the Edinburgh Art and Design Library on George IV Bridge in November. This is a print-only exhibition where members may submit up to four prints for public display 

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