Snow Bunting(N) Jim Moir - nature-v2

Jim Moir

Secretary Blenny in Brain Coral Rosemary Gillies - nature-v2

Rosemary Gillies

Pine Marten in the Rain_N Keith Thorburn - nature-v2

Keith Thorburn

Hen Harrier Hunting Dave Reid - nature-v2

Dave Reid

Nature group

Our thriving Nature Group has many experienced members and nature specialists. We share a passion not just for photography, but also for understanding the natural world. Any member of EPS may join the Nature Group and we welcome new members, whether experienced photographers or beginners. 

Our interests range from plants through the tiniest of creatures to the largest mammals and birds. We have experts both at home and abroad and our members provide unique insights into the natural world. 

Meetings of the nature group are held monthly, usually on the first Tuesday of every month. Our meetings provide an opportunity to hear from some of the very best UK wildlife photographers and naturalists, provide opportunities for members to show and discuss their work and learn about and share other aspects of the natural world.

The long-established An Iolair cup is competed for annually for a submission of three digital images on a theme of the entrant’s choice. An external judge asseses the entries.

We hope to organise an exhibition of selected nature prints to accompany the International Print exhibition in August 2024.

Graham Morrice is the group secretary. 

Our approach to nature photography is built on a set of ethics that both respect and protect wildlife and nature.

The An Iolair cup is awarded annually within the Nature Group for the best set of three images linked by a theme.

The Scottish Photographic Federation’s rules and guidelines for nature photography competitions.

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