EPS members have a wide range of photographic interests and, to help cater for these, we have specialist groups that focus on particular aspects of photography.  These groups are not exclusive. Any member can attend group meetings without signing up in advance and there is no additional charge for group membership.  

Formally, we have three groups – the CD group, the Nature group and the Phoenix group. However, as well as these, groups of preople with common interests may decide to meet regularly to discuss their work. For example, in 2023-24, members who are interested in creating photobooks meet up to discuss photobook design and software and to show the books they have created. 

For members who are interested in experimenting and creating original images in any photographic genre. 

For members interested in all types of nature photography – birds, animals, flowers, etc.

For members who are interested in producing a body of photographic work such as a panel or a photobook.

For members who are interested in making and enjoying photobooks.

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