Our library, located on the first floor in Great King Street, has more than 1,300 photography books so there is something there for everyone, whatever their interests in photography.  The earliest book we have was published in 1854.  We regularly add new work to the collection and have a number of signed editions. 

The majority of books are housed in the cabinets in the library or on the tables but historical publications and some of the more fragile editions are shelved in the Secretary’s office. Please contact the Librarian if you would like to look at them.

The books are there for your enjoyment and members may borrow a book at any time. Over the years, the shelving arrangement has becomne rather ‘informal’ so, as you are looking for your book, you may also find something else of interest. If inspiration is drying up, then browsing through a few books may well relight the spark.

Please let the Librarian know that you have borrowed something and return it as soon as possible for others to enjoy.

Our full collection of books is listed in our library catalogue.

Alistair Cowan is the EPS Librarian 


Ian Sommerville

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