The An Iolair Cup

The Iolaire Cup is awarded for the best panel of three related, nature-themed images.  It was donated to the EPS in 2007 by Fiona MacKay and June Scott and has been awarded since 2008.


Love Island - nature-v2

David Wolfenden

The An Iolair Cup winners

2008 Anne Rogers
2009 Noreen Brown
2010 Alex Melrose
2011 Alex Melrose
2012 Jean Manson

2013 David Wolfenden
2014 Fiona MacKay
2015 David Wolfenden
2016 Jean Manson
2017 Graham Morrice

2018 Graham Morrice
2019 Sandy Cleland
2020 Alan Yeomans
2021 Lesley Simpson. 
2022 Peter Farmer

2023 David Wolfenden