2021-2022 Cunningham Cup Results

This year the competition was judged by Joe Houghton.  Joe found the standard to be so high that he gave 9 panels the maximum of 20 marks.  However, he had to pick one winner overall!    Well done to Alistair for his panel and also to Unda who created two of the 9 best panels.    All 9 panels can be seen below:- 

Building Blocks        Alistair Cowan        Overall Winner

  • Cardinal Tavera              Douglas May
  • Museum                         Graham Bell
  • Off Balance                    David Bolton
  • Oil                                  Unda Janevica
  • Trois Voiles Oranges      David Greer
  • Washroom Window        Adrian Cullen
  • Whitesands Bay             Unda Javenica
  • Woodmouse Foraging    Andrew Mackie

Click here to see the full list of scores : Cunningham Cup Score Sheet

2019-2020 Cunningham Cup Results

The winners of the Cunningham Cup are: 1st Place (with 98 points):  Eric Robinson, with a terrific set capturing birds in combat – Beak to Beak. 2nd Place (with 95 points): Keith Walkingshaw, with amazing landscapes – How Small We Are In The Face Of Nature. 3rd Place (with 90 points) – Alistair Cowan, with travel portraits from Vietnam – The Octagenarians. The images are shown below. Eric’s Images: Keith”s Images: Alistair’s Images:

2019-2020 Cunningham Cup

This year we have 15 entries for the Cunningham Cup and Neil Scott has the onerous task of assessing the entries. Individual images are scored out of 20 and the Panel is scored out of 40.  Scores for individual images count towards the end of season awards. Due to the extraordinary circumstances that prevail at the moment, we cannot meet to see and hear the results of the competition. To whet your appetite, the panel entries are shown below.  Once we get the scores from Neil, we will announce the winners and put the results up on this page.  Neil has also kindly agreed to provide written feedback and we will post that too, so we can all learn from Neil’s wisdom. Entries are as follows: Icelandic Sculptures The Waiting Game Harley Respect G&T Splash Swan Lake Bird Battle Angles The Highland Show Untitled Three Faces of Eve How Small We Are in The Face Of Nature White on Black Edinburgh Lamps The Octogenarians As-sruth Loch Ghiuthsachain (Outflow of the Loch of The Pine Forrests).

2018-2019 Cunningham Cup

The Cunningham Cup competition is for 3 images on a theme of the author’s choice. This is a competition for CD Group members. Each image is scored out of 20 and the set of 3 is scored out of 40 based on how well the images complement each other and work together as set. The winning panel was produced by Muriel Binnie with a stunning set of artistic images produced using ICM (intentional camera movement).  Well done Muriel.

2017-18 Cunningham Cup Winner was Edward Richards with his images entitled “Style is Everything”

There were 2 runners up:

Eric Robinson with his Images entitled “A turn of the head” Robert Ruscoe with his Images entitled “Venice Sunsets”

2016-17 Cunningham Cup Winner was Eric Robinson with his images entitled “Changing Composure”

There were 2 runners up:

Doug Berndt with his Images entitled “Pip and Twig’s Day Out” Sandi McOrist with her images entitled “New Shoes”

2015-16 Cunningham Cup Winner was Sandi McOrist with her images entitled “Looking Out, Looking In, Looking Away”

Looking Out, Looking In, Looking Away" by Sandi McOrist ARPS
Looking Out, Looking In, Looking Away” by Sandi McOrist ARPS
Second Place – “Iceland” by James Glass
"Iceland" by James Glass
“Iceland” by James Glass
Third Place – “Determined to Score” by Neil Bain
"Determined to Score" by Neil Bain
“Determined to Score” by Neil Bain
2014-15 Cunningham Cup Winner was Alastair Bisset with his images entitled “Dunstanburgh Castle – Passing Wave”
Dunstanburgh Castle - Passing Wave by Alastair Bisset
Dunstanburgh Castle – Passing Wave by Alastair Bisset
Second Place – “Waiting Bikes” by Barbara Bartkowiak 1268_Waiting Bikes Third Place – “Museum People” by Neil Patton 1264_Museum People 2013-14 Cunningham Cup winner was George Milligan, with his series of images titled Semi-Abstract Floral 0560_4_semi abstract floral 2012-13 Cunningham Cup winner was Tom Gardner, with his images of Sandwood Bay through the day.
Sandwood Bay through the day, Sutherland by Tom Gardner
Sandwood Bay through the day, Sutherland by Tom Gardner