For those interested in courses run by the EPS see the section below. We do not run formal courses as such- the closest is the course of Photoshop beginners workshops roughly every second Thursday during the season from Sept to May approx.


Other courses in Edinburgh


There are a few options for formal courses in Edinburgh, but on the whole, they tend to concentrate on specific areas especially B&W darkroom technique or Photoshop post-processing. The best and most cost-effective way to improve your general photography, and also learn these techniques and more, is to join an active camera club in your area. Everyone is in it for a genuine love of photography, and there are people of all levels and interests to learn from, whatever your preference of subject matter.


Some local courses:


Edinburgh City Council runs some Night classes which vary from year to year, sometimes covering B&W darkroom techniques, sometimes digital. They may appear under computing. http://ces.egfl.net/programme/


Stills Gallery on Cockburn St does some: http://www.stills.org/


Stevenson College do various courses http://www.stevenson.ac.uk/courses/

but make sure the course really is what you want and does not waste time and money doing stuff you don’t want or know already.


The Botanic Gardens sometimes does a couple of weekend courses on plant photography too.


Residential photographic holidays/workshops by pros around the country and abroad are great for total immersion on location (esp for landscape), but are short and usually work out at around £100 a day or more.


Learning at the Edinburgh Photographic Society


You could, of course, consider joining the EPS, there is lots of scope to learn whatever you are interested in at whatever level, be it digital techniques, composition, studio, darkroom, whatever. There are informal beginners courses on using the studio (with models), B&W and colour darkroom, and digital techniques, all included in the membership fee which is cheaper than any of the above courses and lasts for a whole year. The main club nights are Wednesdays, with a mixture of guest speakers and judging of our club competitions. The latter provides some of the best opportunities to get an honest critique of your and everybody else’s images and are a really good learning experience. And there are lots of opportunities to ask questions or get informal critique from a lot of friendly and very good photographers. There are several good pubs just round the corner for a post-meeting pint!


On Monday evenings the Creative-Digital group meets (see the sub-group section for more info). Of particular interest will be a series of workshop evenings on digital processing based on Photoshop, by professional Adobe qualified instructor Scott Russell, which are really excellent. There is also a group (Delos)  that meets every now and then for outings to local areas of interest, usually ending in a pub. Again, see the sub-group section for more info. The Phoenix group meets regularly for small group honest critique of each other’s work with a view to entering it in International competitive exhibitions or submitting panels for distinctions at the RPS, FIAP or PAGB.


Take a look at our programme on this web site and see if it takes your fancy. Come along to our September open night where anyone interested can come along and find out all about the activities, or to any Wednesday evening meeting during our Sept-May season to meet us and find out more.

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