Those members who chose not to support EPS at our inter-club match against Carluke CC on Friday 5 December perhaps made a wise decision.  In the event, only Richard Bingham and I made the trip.

As usual we were beaten – and again by an embarrassing margin.  We lost the print section by 258 to 234 points, and although we did a little better in the PDI section, we lost that too, by 257 to 246.

The overall result was therefore 515 to 480, a margin of 35 points.  Each club puts up 15 prints and 15 PDIs so we were on average more than a whole point per image worse off!  Usually interclub scores are a lot closer than this, perhaps up to 10 points difference overall, so this is a humiliating setback.

On the plus side congratulations to four members, Hazel Mason and Viv Cotton who both scored a 20, and to Eion Johnston  and James Frost who both scored a 19.   Here are the grisly facts.

Neil Scott

I spent an hour trying to get the tables formatted.  When I finally achieved some semblance of order, I must have clicked one wrong button, and lost the whole………………… lot.

I will send the results out as an email – tomorrow.