“A novice year at the salons” Terry Railley and Eion Johnston

Terry and Eion provided an excellent introduction to the world of International Salons, including evidence of their many successful images, at CD Group’s meeting on 20/10/14. Terry and Eion have provided the following links for anyone interested in getting started:

Blogs with reference to FIAP experience:

‘The wonder of light’ You will be able to look through the blog to find lots of posts documenting his progress. But he has a FAQ type post here:
‘Richard Spurdens photograph’ Where you can find posts about his FIAP experiences.

In all cases you have to be aware that the requirements for FIAP distinctions changes over time, so that the early posts about obtaining the AFIAP will seem to require less acceptances etc than in the current rules.

For the current FIAP rules, you need to refer to the PAGB website starting here:

To find a list of all the salons available, then the FIAP site must be visited: The 2015 page is also well filled already here: