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Members’ Exhibition

Incredibly the annual exhibition of members’ work is on the horizon.  The latest hand-in date is February 19th!

This annual showcase of the best of work by EPS members is open to the public for two days this year – 22 and 23 March, and the Members’ Night will be Friday 21 March, when the trophies are presented and we have the Popular Vote.

Each member may submit up to four prints and/or four projected images, and all submitted work is displayed at Great King Street – the prints in the Main Hall, and the PIs as a slide show in the Digital Suite.

Members may enter images which have been entered in this year’s monthly competitions.  Indeed some members make their selections based on the results they got from the monthlies.  However, please remember that judges have their own opinions as to what makes a good picture.  So just because you got a 19 or 20 for an image in one of the monthly competitions does not mean that this year’s judge would rate it the same!

There are eleven trophies to be awarded in the print section, and seven in the PI section, details of which are given on page 22 of the current Members’ Booklet.

This year’s judge is Rikki O’Neill, FRPS FIPF MPAGB from Dundee, who surely needs no introduction to members of EPS. His website is http://www.rikoart.com/

Members may wish their prints to be considered as a panel in which case the four images should form a cohesive unit or be on a theme of the author’s own choosing.  It must be stressed that even if prints are presented as a panel, all of the images may be considered for one or more of the individual awards.  If the prints are to be considered as a panel, then the layout (or hanging plan) should be clearly indicated, as well as a title for the panel as well as for the individual images.  IT WOULD HELP GREATLY IF THE PANELS WERE SET UP AS 2 x 2 – not four in a row or a 1 and a 3.  We have limited space and it is unlikely that we could accommodate any other layout format.

However, you do not need to submit your images in this way.  Four completely unrelated images may be submitted and each will be considered for one of the trophies, as indeed will each of the individual images in any panel submission.

Prints must be mounted on board, either window-mounted or flush-mounted, and the maximum (preferred) mount size is 40 x 50cm, although the actual print may be any size within these limits.  They may be colour or monochrome and the subject matter is open.  The back of the print should show

A – the title of the print

B – the author’s membership number

C – the author’s League status (1 or 2)

D – a title for the panel (if appropriate)

Prints should be placed, in suitable wrapping, on the shelves in the Library by 19th February.   The wrapper should show clearly your name and “For Members’ Exhibition” – but remember to put your membership number, not your name, on the actual prints.


Projected images must be presented as jpgs as for the regular monthly competitions, with the following maximum dimensions – 1400 pixels on the horizontal axis for landscape format images, and 1050 pixels on the vertical axis for portrait format images.  Titling should also be as for monthly competitions viz. XX_nnnn_Image Name.jpg where XX = L1 or L2 (League 1 or 2); nnnn is the four-digit membership number. Projected images may also be submitted as a set on the same lines as for prints, and two trophies are presented for these.

Images must be sent by email to the same address as for the monthly competitions – eps_competitionATyahoo.co.uk.  Of course replace “AT” with “@”


Images which have been in a previous year’s Members’ Exhibition or which have been accepted in any previous Edinburgh International Exhibition are not eligible.  The same image may not be submitted to both print and projected image sections.


Members are reminded that, as clearly stated on page 21 of the current Members’ Booklet,

“It is a condition of entry ………….. that, unless otherwise stated in writing, prints and projected images entered for monthly competitions, or the Members’ Exhibition, may be used for any interclub or national competition in which the Society takes part.

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