Jan 152018

Better late than never, for the first time we have a gallery of the PDI part of the 2017 members’ exhibition. See the Galleries menu to find it.

I’ve developed a more streamlined process to tag these with the correct title and author, which should speed up was a very tedious process, and one of the reasons for not doing this before.

To get an equivalent gallery of the Prints, we’d need everyone to send in matching, properly named, files for all their images.


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Jan 152018

The first two PDI competition galleries for 2017-18 are now online- see the menu links under Galleries.

I’ve developed a more streamlined process to tag these with the correct title and author, which should speed up was a very tedious process, and one of the reasons for not doing this before.


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Apr 302016
EPS enjoyed success at the recent Scottish Salon, winning the award for best Scottish Club with a total of 1038 points. Dumfries came second with 802 points and Bon Accord third with 700.
Overall, 21 members entered and achieved 72 acceptances with 4 HM certificates and 1 SPF Gold Medal. This was an excellent result for the Society and thanks are due to all who entered via the Club entry system. 
Full results and details of the Exhibition can be found at the Scottish Salon website:
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Sep 272015

The London Salon, like our own International Exhibition, is one of the very few print-only exhibitions in the world.

We are therefore pleased to have a selection of prints from the exhibition on display in our Downstairs Gallery until the end of October.  If you are interested in photography, please pop down some time and spend a while looking at these images.  Some you may have seen in our own exhibition which shows that great minds think alike when it comes to appreciating the best in print photography.  Our own Sandy Cleland is one of only two Scottish members amongst the 40-odd Salon members, and he has spent some time and effort getting these prints up to Edinburgh.  (Click on the image for a larger version)

london salon poster 2 resize

So make it worth his while and have a look one night when you are in the building.

Neil Scott


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May 182015

A number of EPS members enjoyed success at the Scottish Salon and the Society came second to Dumfries in the Club Awards which is an improvement on our third place last year. Thanks to all those who entered via the Club entry system.

Overall, we achieved 38 acceptances including a PSA Ribbon and 2 HM Certificates.

92nd Scottish Salon individual


Congratulations to all who achieved acceptances and awards.

Full results and details of the exhibition can be found at the Scottish Salon website:


Jim Moir



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Apr 192015

Apologies for the delay in getting these published.

Those of you who were unable to hear Simon Allen’s discussion of the reasons for his choices missed a masterclass in judging!  He is an excellent speaker and gives a very full assessment of an image’s qualities.

To see the winners – please click on the link Trophy Winners 2015 kw

All trophies, including those for the Monthly Competitions are now with the Kirkwood’s, the engravers.  Please be patient as Kirkwood’s are very busy at this time of year – the end of the football season etc etc so they have loads of engraving to do.  When we have the trophies back, I will let you know.  The most convenient time for collection will be on one of the Wednesday “unpacking nights” when we start opening the entries for our International Exhibition.  But let me know when you intend to collect your trophy.

Neil Scott


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Mar 142015

As many members will be aware, our annual Members’ Exhibition will be on public view at Great King Street on 4th and 5th April.

To get as much publicity as possible, I have made up a flier which I would ask you all to download and print off.  Then hand them out to local shops, libraries, community centres – any place where the general public might see them.  Last year, if my memory serves me right, only around 70 – 80 people visited the exhibition over the two days.  An enormous amount of work goes into the organisation of the Exhibition, and it would be gratifying if more people saw it.

So help the Society – please!


click on the link  poster 2015 v3


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Mar 072015

FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique) has announced the following distinctions awarded to members of EPS for success in entering exhibitions or salons in this country and abroad.
Eion Johnston and Terry Railley have both achieved their EFIAP (Excellence of FIAP).  This requires a minimum of 250 acceptances with at least 50 different images in 30 salons in 20 countries
Richard Bingham and Neil Scott have achieved the EFIAP/s (Silver award)  After achieving the EFIAP, there are 4 “levels” – bronze, silver, gold and platinum which must be attained sequentially.  The bronze level requires 75 additional acceptances from 25 images, including three medals or other awards in separate countries.  The silver requires a further 75 acceptances with a minimum of 25 new works, and 4 of these must have been awarded a medal or other award, all in different countries, on top of the three required for the bronze award.
And finally Peter Paterson has been awarded his MFIAP (Master FIAP), the highest FIAP distinction.  Unlike the other awards, this is for a portfolio of 20 prints and a curriculum vitae.  The MFIAP is one of the most difficult distinctions to get, and I think I am right in saying that Peter is only the third Scottish photographer to achieve this goal.

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Mar 072015
Members may be interested to hear the result of last week’s friendly battle (an oxymoron if ever there was one!) against Queen’s Park Camera Club in Glasgow.  This is an annual event on a home/way basis, and this year it was our turn to be hosts.  It is always a good social occasion and the result is less important than the exchange of comments and views on photography.
The competition is for 15 prints and 15 PDIs from each club.  This year’s judge was Duncan McEwan from Paisley Colour Camera Club.  Duncan is an excellent judge, and his comments are always helpful.  Wednesday night was no exception, and it is a shame that the event was attended by so few.  Those members who did not attend certainly missed a masterclass.
The result?
Prints  EPS 256  QPCC  230
PDIs    EPS 255  QPCC  234
The overall score was therefore 511 – 464 in favour of EPS.
The rather large margin of the win perhaps flatters EPS, but as Duncan said himself, there were excellent images from both sides.  We are also pleased that no fewer than 29 members represented EPS, indicating the strength in depth of our club, and many of the images were from new members.
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Dec 072014

Those members who chose not to support EPS at our inter-club match against Carluke CC on Friday 5 December perhaps made a wise decision.  In the event, only Richard Bingham and I made the trip.

As usual we were beaten – and again by an embarrassing margin.  We lost the print section by 258 to 234 points, and although we did a little better in the PDI section, we lost that too, by 257 to 246.

The overall result was therefore 515 to 480, a margin of 35 points.  Each club puts up 15 prints and 15 PDIs so we were on average more than a whole point per image worse off!  Usually interclub scores are a lot closer than this, perhaps up to 10 points difference overall, so this is a humiliating setback.

On the plus side congratulations to four members, Hazel Mason and Viv Cotton who both scored a 20, and to Eion Johnston  and James Frost who both scored a 19.   Here are the grisly facts.

Neil Scott

I spent an hour trying to get the tables formatted.  When I finally achieved some semblance of order, I must have clicked one wrong button, and lost the whole………………… lot.

I will send the results out as an email – tomorrow.


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