Thinking of Joining the EPS?

To join the Society, please click here to go to our online membership management page.
Joining a local camera club is a great way to develop your photography- to meet like-minded enthusiasts, learn from their experience, be inspired by the variety and quality of photographs presented by the speakers, and be challenged in the club competitions and rewarded with honest constructive criticism.

If you live in or around Edinburgh, the EPS is a very active and friendly camera club with a high quality lecture programme, regular club and inter-club competitions, and an extensive programme of tutorials for beginners and improvers in darkroom skills, studio work, and especially digital photography skills.

We have a wide variety of skills in the club, with separate groups for Creative Digital, Nature, and Studio photography. There is usually something on 4 nights a week if you have the time! There is usually a bunch of folk going to a nearby pub for a pint after the Wednesday meets.

We also have the very popular DeLOS group who meet up regularly for day-trips to photographic locations or events in the area, usually with an enjoyable pub lunch at some point!

We have an annual Members’ exhibition for both print and slide/digital projected images, which is a highlight of the year and where a variety of trophies and certificates are awarded.

The Phoenix group is an informal group of keener members of various levels of experience devoted to honest critique of each others work with a view to raising the standard of work submitted by members to the various International exhibitions and interclub competitions each year.

If you are interested in joining EPS, come along at 7pm any Wednesday during the season (end of Sept to beginning of May)  and have a look around the premises before the meeting starts at 7.30pm.

You can also attend o­ne or two Group meetings prior to joining to see where your interests lie.

As a paid up member, you are entitled to:

  • Come along to any and all EPS Wednesday meetings and other events and activities
  • Sign up to any of the sub-groups for a nominal extra fee (around £2-£5 for the year)
  • Join the Studio, Darkrooms or Digital Suite with payment of the relevant extra annual fee as advertised in the membership form
  • Enter the annual members exhibition
  • Use of the comfortable library to read the variety of photographic magazines we subscribe to, and borrow from our extensive collection of photographic books by arrangement with the librarian.
  • Your images can appear on the site via embedded Flickr Groups
  • 10% discount at Fotospeed when you mention you are a member of a club affiliated to the Royal Photographic Society
  • Discounted mounting and framing at Edinburgh Arts and Picture Framers
  • Learn a lot about photography and have lots of fun!

Joining later in the season?

If you take out an Ordinary membership on or after the 1st of January, you will pay one half the subscription for the current year. However, this reduction does not apply to darkroom, studio, or digital fees and these must be paid in full.

Joining after the season has ended?

The season of programmed lectures and meetings runs from September to around the beginning of May (see syllabus) If you want to join after this, perhaps because you want to use the studio, darkroom or digital suite, that’s great, you’ll be very welcome.  However, unless you particularly  want to use these facilities over the summer break, I suggest you wait and join at the start of the new season. Just download and fill out the application form (see ‘Membership’ link on menu), and post it to the address given, or bring it along to one of the Wednesday meetings between 7 and 7.30.

If you do want to join after the season has ended, you need to contact the new members secretary who will arrange to meet you at 68 Great King Street and register as a new member for next year (with increased fee, as you pay 1/2 the normal annual membership rate for the remainder of the current season). You also will pay a full studio/darkroom/digital suite supplement for the remainder of this year and a full one for next year, should you wish to use one or more of these facilities.

He/she will also provide you with the necessary keys and put you in contact with the relevant people who are responsible for inducting new members into the use of the darkroom/studio/digital equipment and the provision of the key for that facility.

Membership rates consist of several components which you can tailor to your needs. That way you only pay for what you need.
The components are:

  • Basic membership (Ordinary, Country Member and Student rates)
  • Optional extras:
    • Digital suite facilities
    • Studio facilities
    • Darkroom facilities
  • One-off joining fee

Just add up the different amounts and that is what you need to pay for the whole year.