Dec 132013

EPS welcomed four members of Carluke Camera Club on 27 November to the annual interclub competition.  The judge this year was Stan Farrow, FRPS EFIAP DPAGB from St Andrews Photographic Society.

EPS took the decision this year to allow each member only one image.  This allows as many people as possible to have their work seen and judged against one of Scotland’s top clubs.  This constraint of course was not imposed on Carluke and it is certain that some of their members had more than one image representing the club.
Although we lost both Print and Projected Image sections, I think we can hold our collective head high.  We came within 4 points of Carluke in the PI section, and although we lost the prints by an average of just under one point per image, this is still not a disgrace, considering that Carluke have a high reputation for the quality of their print workers.


Eagle-eyed (and possibly interested) members of EPS will have seen from the Members’ Booklet that we have our annual interclub match against Queen’s Park Camera Club in Glasgow on Thursday January 23 2014.  Sandy Cleland is gathering together the fifteen prints and fifteen PDIs ready for sending off the QPCC.  We have won this fixture the last two years, so let’s see if we can make it a hat-trick.

Three or four of us will be making the trip to Glasgow (it only takes an hour) to support EPS, and we would welcome anyone else who wishes to see another camera club, and meet its members.  QPCC, like EPS, has its own premises (although perhaps not quite so grand as Great King Street).  They are a very friendly bunch of photographers who would welcome an influx of Edinburghers to the match.  If you are interested in forming another car-load, please contact Sandy or me.

Neil Scott

19 December 2013

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Nov 252013

For the month of November the EPS has it’s annual exhibition in the Edinburgh Fine Art Library on George IV bridge, and it ends this Friday 29th.

The work of 28 authors is on display. The exhibition looks good and with a variety of high standard prints to see, it is well worth a visit.

The Opening hours are Mon-Wed: 10am – 8pm, Thu-Sat: 10am – 5pm.

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Oct 072013


The Society holds an annual exhibition of members’ work in the Fine Arts Library, George IV Bridge during the whole of November and we are now asking members to submit prints for this. We are looking for about 80 prints to fill the available space. Prints must be mounted on card and a minimum of 10x 8 inches ( 25x20cm ) maximum 20×16 inches (50x40cm) mounted, and can be of any subject.

It is open to all members, including new members and beginners, as we are trying to show the public a representative sample the sort of work we produce, the idea being to promote the Society. We usually have room to display about four prints per author but you can put in more or less as you wish. Prints don’t need to be your latest masterpieces, older works are perfectly acceptable. Everyone who contributes will have at least one of their prints displayed and we will show as many as there is room for.

The prints for this exhibition should be left on the labelled shelf in the rack in the library by Wednesday 30th October at the very latest, marked for “Fine Arts Exhibition attn, of Doug and Sue” and must have your name on the back of the prints and on the packaging (not just the membership number) as name labels will be produced. The library produces posters for this exhibition which are circulated round Edinburgh libraries and the image used for these is usually picked from early entries so there is an incentive to hand your work in as soon as possible!

This is a good opportunity to have some of your work put on public display. If any member is wondering whether to enter or has any questions about this exhibition, feel free to ask Doug Hamilton, Sue Hill or in fact anybody wearing a label, for advice.


Doug Hamilton and Sue Hill

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Sep 232013

Phoenix Group members have had considerable success at the September adjudications of the RPS distinctions panels.

Jan Jerome, Richard Dyson and Ian McNaught were all successful with their panels for the Licentiateship, while Doug Berndt was delighted with the success of his Associateship panel.

This is really quite an achievement for four members of the group to achieve their distinctions, and just goes to show what membership of the Phoenix Group can do for you!  Mind you, the photographers themselves had something to do with it!

Congratulations to all four members, and to Dave McCarthy and Mal Brown who achieved their LRPS earlier in the year, (but before the new website was up and running).

Now, out of the 30 or so EPS members who come along to Phoenix Group Meetings, we have 8 LRPS, 6 ARPS and 7 FRPS members.  The Phoenix Group is certainly living up to its unofficial motto – “Taking your photography to a higher level”.

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Sep 142013

On Wednesday September 25th, we launch the start of the 2013-14 season with a public open night. If you were interested in finding out more about us, and maybe joining, this is your opportunity to come do so. There will be tours around the premises, you can check out the studio, darkroom and digital suite facilities, find out about what we do on Wednesday nights, and what the various sub-groups do.

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Sep 042013

A new look for the EPS Web site!

Welcome to the EPS’ new web site.  We hope you will find it easy to use and an improvement on the old site. The aim was to have a clean and simple modern site with a minimum of clutter. The dark background was chosen for good legibility and a sympathetic background for viewing images. Your comments and suggestions welcome- either in the comments below (will be moderated), or email Tom Gardner or use the contact form to contact the Webmaster. Feature requests will be discussed by the website group, who have jointly approved this design.

The main changes other than the new design (using WordPress) are:

Image galleries: The original image galleries will no longer be used, and we have also dropped the forum. This is because neither were used much in recent years, and we do not want to have a site people need to register with and log on to. Those who need to contribute news items or edit pages can be set up with an account with appropriate privileges. If you really want to look at the old image gallery site, it is still online here.

While the site can have images displayed locally in galleries, we are mainly going to be using embedded feeds from various Flickr groups that we currently have, or will set up. This will give members who use Flickr to add their images directly to these groups (currently DeLOS and the C-D group). For others, who do not wish to use Flickr, the relevant group person can  upload their images to the EPS Flickr account, or the member can email them direct to it, and they can be added to the groups from there with appropriate attribution to the photographer.

News items: We plan to have most of the news items posted on the EPS Facebook page, which will then be visible on the EPS website as a news feed on the front page. This makes it easier for members to contribute items as many already have Facebook accounts, and they can get a lot more exposure through social media sharing. However, some items will be posted direct on the site.

There will certainly be more additions to the site, but we felt that it was important to get a functional site up in advance of the new season, and additional content and improvements can be added.Please send any comments and suggestions to me, positive or negative- we need to know!

Tom Gardner ARPS

EPS Webmaster

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