Four members of EPS – Doug Berndt, Richard Bingham, Sandy Cleland and Neil Scott – went through to  Glasgow on Thursday 23 January to support the Society in its annual competition against Queen’s Park Camera Club.  The format is that each club puts up 15 prints and 15 projected images. The judge for the evening was Andrew Cameron from Livingston CC.

EPS won the print section by 260 points to 252, and although we were beaten 257 to 253 in the PI section,  the combined score was in our favour by 513 to 509 – a narrow squeak indeed!

This win was satisfying for EPS as a decision had been taken to allow our members only one image each – one print OR one PI.  So we were represented by no fewer than 30 members and it is further testimony that we have strength in depth.

A list of the individual scores will be posted on the noticeboard at Great King Street in due course.


Neil Scott