Mar 242014

Although the Members’ Exhibition was open to the public for two days this year, the attendance was disappointingly low. Only 72 visitors came through the door, and more than a few of those were club members.

people 2462                          people 2460

At five o’clock on Sunday 23 March, a good crowd of volunteers helped dismantle the exhibition, and all records were broken in the time taken.  Believe it or not, we took just around 25 minutes to take down all the prints, labels, numbers, and sort the prints into two piles – one for Rikki to talk to on Wednesday, the other for return to members.  The 21 boards were dismantled and stored away and most of the chairs returned to the room.

Here is the “front end” of the room during the exhibition

room 2450  and this      chairs 2466           is the same view 25 minutes later!

While this is a worthwhile achievement, it means that the results of many, many hours and days of work preparing the exhibition, by so many people, can disappear in such a short space of time.  Also the disappointing turnout, in spite of more aggressive publicity this year, makes one  wonder if it is all worth it.

Thanks again to everyone who helped.

Neil Scott, Members’ Exhibition Secretary


Rikki will be talking to 52 prints on Wednesday night, and these will be available for collection by the authors at the end of the meeting.  This will allow members to pick them up in time to send them to the Scottish Salon.  Scottish Salon entries will be collected by Richard Bingham and Sandy Cleland at the Phoenix Group Meeting on Thursday March 27.  The remaining prints are now available for collection from the Library.  They are in two Nomad boxes, so please be careful looking for your own!




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