The Members’ Exhibition will have its opening night and awards ceremony on Saturday 22nd April 2017, 5-7pm and will be open to the public on Sunday 23rd April. All submitted work will be displayed at Great King Street – the prints in the Main Hall, and the PDIs as a slide show in the Digital Suite. The judge this year is Hunter Kennedy EFIAP MAPGB from Carluke.

Twelve trophies are awarded in the print section and seven in the PI section together with a number of honourable mentions. Details are given within the Members’ Booklet on page 22.

 Closing date for entries is Wednesday 1st March.


Each member can submit up to four prints and four projected images. The subject matter is open and both colour and monochrome are accepted.



Prints must be mounted on board, either window-mounted or flush-mounted with a maximum mount size of 40 x 50cm, although the actual print may be any size within these limits. Members are welcome to submit their prints as a panel. Please note, prints will be displayed as 2 x 2 (from top left to bottom right). The back of the print should show-


A – the title of the print

B – the author’s membership number

C – the author’s League status (1 or 2)

D – a title for the panel (if appropriate)

E – an indication of order to be displayed – 1, 2, 3, 4 (if appropriate)


Prints should be placed on the shelves in the Library, in suitable wrapping labelled clearly with your name and “For Members’ Exhibition” – but remember to put your membership number, not your name, on the actual prints.


Please also submit a digital version (jpeg as below) to This will be used by the judge to display winning entries on the opening night.



Projected Images

PDIs must be JPEG, sRGB profile and should be 1920 pixels (maximum)

horizontally x 1200 pixels (maximum) vertically.

File names should follow the following convention: XX_nnnn_Image Title_1-4.jpg

XX=L1 or L2 (League 1 or League 2).

nnnn is your four digit membership number.

Graham Morrice will collate the PDI entries. Please submit to


All images entered must be entirely the work of the photographer. Composite images are permitted provided all component images meet this requirement. For the avoidance of doubt, use of images from any other source including royalty free image banks and clipart are not permitted.


Good luck,


Stephen & Jan