Studio and Portrait Group Season 2021-2022:

Due to restrictions in place around COVID-19, the normal Studio and Portrait Group sessions will not be taking place.  However, the studios can be used by members as long as they follow a number of rules.  These rules will be assessed as restrictions are eased.  

Studio members are able to book and use the studios once you have read the documents below and watched the videos.  If you have not used the EPS studios, in addition to reading the documents and watching the videos you also need to be inducted in the equipment, pay for a studio subscription and get a fob so you can access Studio 1.  If you wish to use the studio and have not done so before please contact Malkit Benning ( 

All studio users must follow these rules:- 

  • Sign in and out of the building, follow the cleaning regime before and after your visit, use hand sanitiser often, follow the social distancing rules, wear a mask and take everything home with you (including all rubbish). 
  • The kitchen is not to be used.  
  • Only ONE studio booking per studio per member at any one time.  Once you have completed your studio visit then you can book another single slot (per studio). You can make a separate booking for the basement studio and a separate booking for the main studio.
  • Only one booking a day (per studio). This is to limit the number of people entering the building on any given day.   If you have booked a slot on a given day, then no matter what time you enter onto the booking system, you can use the studio at any time on the day of your booking.  When you leave the studio after completing your current booking you can book another slot for that studio. You can make a separate booking for the basement studio and a separate booking for the main studio.
  • You are allowed up to 3 guests. e.g. a makeup artist, an assistant and a model. These guests cannot be swapped for other guests during your day’s booking. 

Studio 1 Cleaning Guide

Studio 2 Cleaning Guide



Studio and Portrait Group:

Open sessions are held regularly throughout the season for studio members. These are notified in the Syllabus and are practical sessions preferably based on a theme for the night. Group Members are encouraged to contribute to the sessions and where a model is hired a shared cost of around £4 – £5 may be charged. More detail on each session will be posted, where appropriate nearer to each session, announcing the theme and who is leading. Any Studio Member who has a specific suggestion for a theme or who would like to lead a session, please contact the Group Secretary

Group Secretary <TBC>