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The Phoenix Group provides an informal forum for constructive criticism and analysis of members’ work through mutual discussion.
It is open to all members of the Society who wish to take their photography to a higher level.
Group Secretary Neil Scott FRPS EFIAP/s



The Phoenix Group is an informal discussion group – no subscription, no committee – and its raison d’être is to act as a forum for people to talk about their photography in a relaxed atmosphere.  The general idea is to bring along a few images (prints and/or PDIs, and maybe up to a dozen) and put them up for discussion.  These may be images from a personal project that you are undertaking, from an idea that you are pursuing; they may be the germ of an idea for aiming for a distinction. You may be thinking of entering exhibitions or salons.  You might just want to get an opinion of some of your favourite photographs!  However we are no longer able to discuss or comment on images that are in the final – panel – stage for RPS distinctions.  You must attend one of the RPS Advisory Days or forums to get advice from appointed RPS advisors and adjudicators.

You will get honest opinions at the Phoenix Group, and everyone can join in our discussions.  We welcome members of all abilities from beginners to experienced – we are more interested in content than cameras, photos rather than Photoshop.

So if you think you can benefit from our approach, please come along and join us.


 Meeting 27 February 2020


Phoenix Meeting 27 Feb 2020

We had a good turnout of twelve EPS members at the recent meeting of the group, including six who brought along work for discussion.

Eion Johnston opened the evening with five intriguing and perhaps provocative examples from some of his recent “panels” or sets of prints.  Opening with a sample from his successful FRPS panel Eion displayed prints comprising layered images of the anonymous human body, merged with a variety of backdrops.  He confirmed the notion that photography can be used, not just to record or portray something in front of the lens, but to illustrate ideas, concepts and emotions.  Just what good photography is all about (IMHO).

Michael Barron drew the short straw in having to follow Eion, but did so admirably with a set of abstract images of European modern architecture – all in mono – and displayed on a variety of mounts.  This is an ongoing project from Michael and he produced some fascinating prints.

True to form Chris Osborne displayed his predilection with all things esoteric in photographic equipment.  This time it was the purchase of a half frame camera with a vertical travel which can produce two landscape images on a single “35mm frame”.  Chris showed us that he is not just an equipment aficionado, but also  a master of creating images, combining two different aspects of the same scene as a sort of diptych.

Neil Scott then completed the print section of the evening with a short panel called “Ron’s Rag”.  This is a set of images of a fellow bowls player’s drying rag!  The discarded piece of chamois leather was soaked, pulled into abstract shapes before drying and photographing.  It became a sort of Rorschach Test to the members with all sort of images being perceived in the strange shapes!

Chris Norman followed with results of his experience with a Lumix underwater and shock-proof camera.  He is still getting to grips with this equipment but showed us some interesting images of combined underwater and above water images, including the use of flash to brighten underwater objects while showing landscape in ambient lighting.

Finally Brian Flemming brought the evening to a finale with a series of PDIs taken with a variety of images created with intentional camera movement.  His techniques varied from traditional zoom burst techniques, to stabilising his camera on, for example, a moving boat, and letting the boat movement create the blurring and panning effects.  A great ending to a super night at Phoenix.

The next meeting of the Phoenix Group is on Thursday March 28, and is open to all EPS members who have something to show of the work that they are currently doing.  So come along and edify or entertain us!

Neil Scott
Phoenix Group Co-ordinator