Phoenix Group


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The Phoenix Group provides an informal forum for constructive criticism and analysis of members’ work through mutual discussion.
It is open to all members of the Society who wish to take their photography to a higher level.
Group Secretary Neil Scott FRPS EFIAP/s


The Phoenix Group is an informal discussion group – no subscription – and its raison d’être is to act as a forum for people to talk about their photography.  The general idea is to bring along a few images (prints and/or PDIs, and maybe up to a dozen) and put them up for discussion.  These may be images from a personal project that you are undertaking, from an idea that you are pursuing; they may be the germ of an idea for aiming for a distinction. You may be thinking of entering exhibitions or salons.  You might just want to get an opinion of some of your favourite photographs!  But we are no longer able to discuss or comment on images that are in the final – panel- stage for RPS distinctions.  You must attend one of the RPS Advisory Days or forums to get advice from appointed RPS advisors and adjudicators.

You will get honest opinions at the Phoenix Group.  If there is room for improvement in your work, you will be told, although in a gentle manner.  We are not a beginners’ group – we do not give basic instruction in technique or equipment.  We are more interested in content than cameras, photos rather than Photoshop. Having said that, we do welcome members of all abilities who feel they can take advantage of our approach.

So if you think you can benefit, come along and join us.


New Season 2018-19

We had a good number of new (or potentially new) members at the Opn Night on 19 September.  Prints from three of our members – Muriel Binnie, Chris Osborne and myself – were on display.  We chose these images to show that there is more to photography than merely pointing your camera at something and activating the shutter.  Muriel produces beautiful, dreamy, abstract landscapes using intentional camera movement and in camera multiple exposures.  Chris is deeply into Polaroid film as the basis of his miniature masterpieces, using a variety of techniques.  My own contribution was part of a project of abstract imagery using metal laboratory clamps and other bits and pieces.

Most “visitors” seemed keen to join us on our Thursday evenings (the last of the month) and we look forward to another fruitful and entertaining year of discussion of our hobby.  Everyone is welcome – beginner to expert – so bring along some prints or PDIs (maybe up to a dozen) and tell us all why you made the images.  We are sure you will find it a rewarding experience.

Neil Scott

Phoenix Group Secretary