Creative Digital Group


The Creative Digital Group is an active sub-group of over 50 members that meets on Monday evenings, at the Society’s premises in Great King Street, Edinburgh.

The group is dedicated to exploring both the creative and technical aspects of digital photography from capture to printing and to improving our photography and having fun! The group is open to photographers at all levels of experience. Group subscription for 2017-18 is £10.

We have a full programme of activities including lectures on technique, art and general photography. We also have workshops, competitions and informal critique nights.

The aim of the Photo-Safari is to encourage our members to work in teams to produce a portfolio of themed images. We have two trophy competitions and also trialled some on-line competitions. Our annual team based Photo Safari began in 2013-14 and is very popular due to the massive prizes! Performance in our on-line and trophy Competitions determines the winners of our group League 1 and League 2 trophies. As an encouragement to new members a third Trophy is allocated to the best League 2 member (in their first 2 years of membership). We encourage our members to take part in the main Society Print and Digital Projected Image competitions as a further means of improving their photography. All of CD Group work is based on Digital Projected Images. Browse our group pages for further information and next season’s photo themes.

Trophies are as Follows:

Digital Challenge Cup for an image that demonstrates post-capture editing.

Cunningham Cup for three images on a theme of the author’s choice.

Intermediate Cup for the winner of League 2 in the On-line Competitions.

Advanced Cup for the winner of League 1 in the On-line Competitions.

Gwyer Shield for the best League 2 member (in their first 2 years of membership), not winning or having previously won a CD Group trophy.

We also participate in a 4-way inter-club competition with Kircaldy, Musselburgh and Stirling Camera Clubs. It is our turn to host in Dec 2017.

Submission to competitions and workshops is by email to   (replace AT with”@”).  See “Image Preparation” for further details.

Group Secretary: Isobel Lindsay – Competition Secretary: Doug Berndt


Isobel Lindsay, Council Member, CG Group Secretary

Isobel Lindsay, Council Member, CD Group Secretary