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The site does not have any area that requires a member login. The login link (in the Members menu) is only there for those who have been given subscriber or editor rights to post items or pages. The reasons we had a site registration and login on the old site many years ago was to a) allow people to comment on items. This rarely happened in all the years it was up, and can now be safely allowed using captchas and moderation instead. b) allow people to post. So few people did this, that it was easier to just set up an account for those that need to. c) allow pass-through to login to the forum. This was rarely used and has been dropped. d) allow pass-through login to the image gallery site. Few people used this to upload images, and fewer still to comment, so this has also been dropped. On the old site, you did not need to log in to see anything, with a very few exceptions – see below. This was a common misunderstanding that led to hundreds of unnecessary registrations, even from non-members. For the very few things we might want to make members only (like the bulletin past issues), it is easier to put it in a password-protected page and circulate the password. For Galleries, we are mostly using embedded Flickr galleries, as many members already have accounts, for they are free to create and give 1 terabyte of storage for free. From there, images can be added to the appropriate EPS Flickr group. At the moment we only have the DeLOS and C-D group Groups, but we will be making more. We also have an EPS Flickr account which we could use to upload images from anyone without a Flickr account, with full attribution. We can also set up galleries locally on the site.
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