Jan 162020

I’ve updated the booking site from its very old version to the latest version, and have migrated all the users and bookings across to it. You should be able to login with your original credentials and see your studio etc bookings, but benefit from a much nicer interface. Let me know if you have any problems- Tom Gardner

Oct 232014

Terry and Eion provided an excellent introduction to the world of International Salons, including evidence of their many successful images, at CD Group’s meeting on 20/10/14. Terry and Eion have provided the following links for anyone interested in getting started:

Blogs with reference to FIAP experience:

‘The wonder of light’ You will be able to look through the blog to find lots of posts documenting his progress. But he has a FAQ type post here:
‘Richard Spurdens photograph’ Where you can find posts about his FIAP experiences.

In all cases you have to be aware that the requirements for FIAP distinctions changes over time, so that the early posts about obtaining the AFIAP will seem to require less acceptances etc than in the current rules.

For the current FIAP rules, you need to refer to the PAGB website starting here:

To find a list of all the salons available, then the FIAP site must be visited: The 2015 page is also well filled already here:

Jan 242014

Four members of EPS – Doug Berndt, Richard Bingham, Sandy Cleland and Neil Scott – went through to  Glasgow on Thursday 23 January to support the Society in its annual competition against Queen’s Park Camera Club.  The format is that each club puts up 15 prints and 15 projected images. The judge for the evening was Andrew Cameron from Livingston CC.

EPS won the print section by 260 points to 252, and although we were beaten 257 to 253 in the PI section,  the combined score was in our favour by 513 to 509 – a narrow squeak indeed!

This win was satisfying for EPS as a decision had been taken to allow our members only one image each – one print OR one PI.  So we were represented by no fewer than 30 members and it is further testimony that we have strength in depth.

A list of the individual scores will be posted on the noticeboard at Great King Street in due course.


Neil Scott


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Dec 132013

EPS welcomed four members of Carluke Camera Club on 27 November to the annual interclub competition.  The judge this year was Stan Farrow, FRPS EFIAP DPAGB from St Andrews Photographic Society.

EPS took the decision this year to allow each member only one image.  This allows as many people as possible to have their work seen and judged against one of Scotland’s top clubs.  This constraint of course was not imposed on Carluke and it is certain that some of their members had more than one image representing the club.
Although we lost both Print and Projected Image sections, I think we can hold our collective head high.  We came within 4 points of Carluke in the PI section, and although we lost the prints by an average of just under one point per image, this is still not a disgrace, considering that Carluke have a high reputation for the quality of their print workers.


Eagle-eyed (and possibly interested) members of EPS will have seen from the Members’ Booklet that we have our annual interclub match against Queen’s Park Camera Club in Glasgow on Thursday January 23 2014.  Sandy Cleland is gathering together the fifteen prints and fifteen PDIs ready for sending off the QPCC.  We have won this fixture the last two years, so let’s see if we can make it a hat-trick.

Three or four of us will be making the trip to Glasgow (it only takes an hour) to support EPS, and we would welcome anyone else who wishes to see another camera club, and meet its members.  QPCC, like EPS, has its own premises (although perhaps not quite so grand as Great King Street).  They are a very friendly bunch of photographers who would welcome an influx of Edinburghers to the match.  If you are interested in forming another car-load, please contact Sandy or me.

Neil Scott

19 December 2013

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