The EPS is fortunate to have its own premises at 68 Great King Street in Edinburgh’s ‘New Town’. It consists of a large lecture hall, where most of our meetings are held, a large darkroom, a digital suite, a large studio and a library, along with the other usual facilities. Entry to the premises is available to Members at all times, using an electronic key fob.


EPS premises at 68 Great King Street
The front of the building. ©Peter Stubbs


The main lobby ©Reid Urquhart


The Main Hall

Our main meeting and exhibition room is a beautiful large room seating up to 80 people and is well equipped with a ceiling-mounted digital projector (new in Feb 2007), large electric projection screen, amplification with an induction loop system, laptop with wireless remote slide control, Slide projectors (35mm carousel and straight magazine, medium format), and print display easel with lights.

For exhibitions, we have display boards for around 200 50×40 cm prints and good lighting.

The main hall
The main hall
©Reid Urquhart


The  Darkroom contains eight black and white enlargers which can handle negatives from 35mm to 5″ x 7″. There is also a cascade print washer, a large heated bench for chemical trays, separate film and print drying cabinets, and a completely dark room for handling film and paper. There are also two colour enlargers and a Jobo rotary print processor which can handle prints up to 12″ x 16″.

The Digital Room offers full “digital lightroom” facilities to members, including 2 PCs, film scanning (Nikon Coolscan IV ED and a good Epson flatbed scanner, great for scanning medium format film) and printing up to A3 (Epson 1290).

The large Studio has a full track lighting system, and  is suitable for portraiture and still-life photography. It is equipped with four Bowens Pro-Lite studio flash units, complete with brollies, snoot and other accessories.

There is a changing room with lights and mirrors, and several props are available, along with the facility to use your own backing papers or other backgrounds. There is a  roll of white fabric background available for members’ use. The studio can be booked in advance through an online booing system.

The Library contains a good selection of photographic books which can be borrowed, and photographic magazines which can be read o­n the premises.

Bulletins are sent out three times a year to every member containing news of past and forthcoming events.

Print Portfolio Groups exist for beginners and more-advanced print workers. The Portfolio Secretary can supply details.

There are several sub-groups within the Society which meet on different nights- see link on main menu for more details of them.