The large Studio is suitable for portraiture and still-life photography and is equipped with Bowens studio flash units, complete with brollies, snoot and other accessories. The Studio has a full track lighting system.   There is a changing room with lights and mirrors, and several props are available, along with the facility to use your own backing papers or other backgrounds.  

EPS members who opt to pay the additional studio membership fee can book personal studio time via an online booking system. Rules for bookings are listed in the syllabus and on this website.   Before you are allowed to use the studio, you will need to arrange an induction with a studio representative. The studio is not for professional use.  
The link to the booking system is:      After having paid the additional studio membership fee you will need to register on the booking system to view existing bookings as well as make your own.   Please note that during certain events/talks, the studio will not be available for bookings.  A fair use policy applies with a cap on live bookings per member.  
The studio email address is

Monthly Studio Group Night

Every month during the season an open Studio night is held.  This is open to all EPS members regardless of being studio members or not.  The cost is £4 per member for model expenses (paid during the session) and all dates are given in the syllabus. 

You should bring cameras and Speedlite / trigger (if you have one), but there is no need for tripods.

Experienced members will begin working with the model from 7:30pm (members typically start arriving at the studio from 7pm onwards), while beginners will be taken through an informal talk in the library for the first half of the evening.  

Pamela Cook will lead the beginners sessions and begin each evening with a recap of the previous session followed by a discussion on the topic of the month.   The beginners will then make their way to the studio to get some practical experience of the topics covered in the talk.  It should be noted that each beginners session is stand-alone and no prior experience is required.