• 'Prayer' by Reettamari Lehtinen
  • 'Mating Orange Tips' by Terry Railley
  • 'Girl in Hat' by Terry Railley LRPS AFIAP
  • 'Moorhen' by Ian Mason
  • 'Torso 1' by Fiona Spence
  • 'Woodland Waterfall' by Simon Gregory
  • 'The Angry Sea' by Jan Jerome
  • 'waxwing' by Ian Mason
  • 'At the Edge, St Kilda' by David Buchanan
  • 'Slavonian Grebe' by Ian Mason
  • 'Fredau' by Barrie Spence
  • 'Symmetrical Support' by Jan Jerome
  • 'Brandt nue' by Neil Scott FRPS EFiAP DPAGB
  • 'Reading Matter' by Eoin Johnston
  • 'One Tusk' by James Glass
  • 'Northern Lights' by Jan Jerome
  • 'Red Squirrel' by Ian Mason
  • 'Sandwood Bay, Dawn' by Tom Gardner ARPS
  • 'New Moon, Cape Wrath' by Tom Gardner ARPS
  • Cheers by Eion Johnston LRPS CPAGB AFIAP
  • 'Smooth Water, Sharp Rocks' by Alan Givens
  • 'Embarrassed' by Neil Scott FRPS EFiAP DPAGB
  • 'Leopard' by Simon Gregory
  • 'Eduardo Molinari' by George Neilson ARPS
  • 'Bamburgh' by Rosemary Simpson
  • 'The Old Fish Farm' by Ian McNaught
  • 'Weary Farmer, Tibet' by Tom Gardner ARPS
  • 'The Blue Lagoon' by Sue Hill
  • 'Museum Stairs' by George Milligan
Our Open Night to kick-off the 2014-15 Season is on the 24th September.

Each of our interest groups will be present to tell you a little of what they get up to during the year and you can find out what our programme of lectures has to offer. If you’re interested in meeting other photographers and improving your photography come along and join us for the evening (7:30 pm start) in our premises at 68 Great King Street.
We’ll be pleased to see you.

The EPS warmly welcomes all who share an interest in photography – from the complete beginner to the most skilled photographer.

We have a full annual programme of  photography, with regular club competitions to challenge and improve your skills. We also have a wide variety of photographic lectures from some superb photographers from all over the country.

We have a wide variety of skills in the club, with separate sub-groups for Creative-Digital, Nature, and Studio photography, Photoshop tutorial evenings, and photographic outings.