• 'Reading Matter' by Eoin Johnston
  • 'The Old Fish Farm' by Ian McNaught
  • 'The Angry Sea' by Jan Jerome
  • 'Torso 1' by Fiona Spence
  • 'Leopard' by Simon Gregory
  • 'Embarrassed' by Neil Scott FRPS EFiAP DPAGB
  • Cheers by Eion Johnston LRPS CPAGB AFIAP
  • 'waxwing' by Ian Mason
  • 'At the Edge, St Kilda' by David Buchanan
  • 'Girl in Hat' by Terry Railley LRPS AFIAP
  • 'Museum Stairs' by George Milligan
  • 'Bamburgh' by Rosemary Simpson
  • 'Symmetrical Support' by Jan Jerome
  • 'Weary Farmer, Tibet' by Tom Gardner ARPS
  • 'Smooth Water, Sharp Rocks' by Alan Givens
  • 'The Blue Lagoon' by Sue Hill
  • 'New Moon, Cape Wrath' by Tom Gardner ARPS
  • 'Prayer' by Reettamari Lehtinen
  • 'Woodland Waterfall' by Simon Gregory
  • 'Red Squirrel' by Ian Mason
  • 'Eduardo Molinari' by George Neilson ARPS
  • 'Fredau' by Barrie Spence
  • 'Sandwood Bay, Dawn' by Tom Gardner ARPS
  • 'Slavonian Grebe' by Ian Mason
  • 'Northern Lights' by Jan Jerome
  • 'Brandt nue' by Neil Scott FRPS EFiAP DPAGB
  • 'Mating Orange Tips' by Terry Railley
  • 'Moorhen' by Ian Mason
  • 'One Tusk' by James Glass
The 2013-14 season of regular meetings is now over and the new season will start in September.

The EPS warmly welcomes all who share an interest in photography – from the complete beginner to the most skilled photographer.

We have a full annual programme of  photography, with regular club competitions to challenge and improve your skills. We also have a wide variety of photographic lectures from some superb photographers from all over the country.

We have a wide variety of skills in the club, with separate sub-groups for Creative-Digital, Nature, and Studio photography, Photoshop tutorial evenings, and photographic outings.