Dec 072014

Those members who chose not to support EPS at our inter-club match against Carluke CC on Friday 5 December perhaps made a wise decision.  In the event, only Richard Bingham and I made the trip.

As usual we were beaten – and again by an embarrassing margin.  We lost the print section by 258 to 234 points, and although we did a little better in the PDI section, we lost that too, by 257 to 246.

The overall result was therefore 515 to 480, a margin of 35 points.  Each club puts up 15 prints and 15 PDIs so we were on average more than a whole point per image worse off!  Usually interclub scores are a lot closer than this, perhaps up to 10 points difference overall, so this is a humiliating setback.

On the plus side congratulations to four members, Hazel Mason and Viv Cotton who both scored a 20, and to Eion Johnston  and James Frost who both scored a 19.   Here are the grisly facts.

Neil Scott

I spent an hour trying to get the tables formatted.  When I finally achieved some semblance of order, I must have clicked one wrong button, and lost the whole………………… lot.

I will send the results out as an email – tomorrow.


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Nov 192014


On Sunday 16 November, the above competition was held at the former Stirling Management Centre, now re-named the Stirling Court Hotel.  28 Scottish clubs competed over three rounds of projected digital images.  The format is that each club submits (in advance) a “bank” of 40 images, nominating eight of them as the first round entry.

After the scores for the first round are given, clubs nominate a further eight images as their second round entry.  First and second round scores are then totalled and the top eight clubs, and any tieing for eighth place contest the final.  The remaining clubs contest the Plate competition.

EPS narrowly missed reaching the final – by ONE point, and came third in the Plate competition.  I have put up the score sheets on the Phoenix Group page.

This is indeed a very disappointing result, and indicates that we must “pull our socks up” in February when the SPF Club Print champoionships are held.  So we will be looking carefully at all the prints entered for our own internal competitions – and indeed the PDIs too.  We might like to see a good quality print from a worthy PDI.

Neil Scott


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Nov 012014

EPS had a disappointing time at the PAGB Interclub Print Championships last weekend (25 October).  The event was held for the first time at Edgehill University in Ormskirk, and the viewing facilities were certainly an improvement on Connah’s Quay.

In the first round we managed to score only 122 points from our 12 prints – a fraction over 10 points average – while Dumfries scored 157, an average of just over 13!  To explain – three judges score each print from 2 to 5, making 6 the weakest and 15 the maximum.  Any score of 13 or above means that at least one judge has given the maximum score, and to get an average mark suggesting at least one 5 per print takes some doing!

A difference of three points per image is a huge gulf, and we were well out of it this year.  Mind you, we were in good (or is that bad?) company,as the three other Scottish clubs, Dundee, Carluke and Paisley Colour, also failed to reach the final, and joined us in in the Plate Competition.  While Carluke won this consolation trophy, EPS were again way down the list.

And of course, congratulations to Dumfries for winning this prestigious trophyfor the second time.  They previously won it in 2000.  (EPS of course were equal first with the Arden Group in 2011, in case anyone forgets!)

This now means that if EPS is to go down to the PAGB competition next year, we will have to qualify as one of two clubs (apart from Dumfries) who come top in the SPF club print championships next February.  There were some good images in last week’s first club print competition judged by Malcolm McBeath from Kirriemuir.  So perhaps with some fresh talent we can improve our standing.

Let’s hope so.


Neil Scott


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Oct 232014

Terry and Eion provided an excellent introduction to the world of International Salons, including evidence of their many successful images, at CD Group’s meeting on 20/10/14. Terry and Eion have provided the following links for anyone interested in getting started:

Blogs with reference to FIAP experience:

‘The wonder of light’ You will be able to look through the blog to find lots of posts documenting his progress. But he has a FAQ type post here:
‘Richard Spurdens photograph’ Where you can find posts about his FIAP experiences.

In all cases you have to be aware that the requirements for FIAP distinctions changes over time, so that the early posts about obtaining the AFIAP will seem to require less acceptances etc than in the current rules.

For the current FIAP rules, you need to refer to the PAGB website starting here:

To find a list of all the salons available, then the FIAP site must be visited: The 2015 page is also well filled already here:

Oct 052014






The Society holds an annual exhibition of members’ work in the Fine Art Library, George IV Bridge during the whole of November and we are now asking members to submit prints for this. We are looking for about 80 prints to fill the available space. Prints must be mounted on card and a minimum of 10 x 8 inches ( 25x20cm )   maximum 20×16 inches (50x40cm) mounted, and can be of any subject.

It is open to all members, including new members and beginners, as we are trying to show the public a representative sample the sort of work we produce, the idea being to promote the Society. We usually have room to display about four prints per author but you can put in more or less as you wish. Prints don’t need to be your latest masterpieces, older works are perfectly acceptable. Everyone who contributes will have at least one of their prints displayed and we will show as many as there is room for.

The prints for this exhibition should be left on the labelled shelf in the rack in the library by Wednesday 29th October at the very latest, marked for “Fine Art Exhibition attn, of Doug and Sue” and must have your name on the back of the prints and on the packaging (not just the membership number) as name labels will be produced. It doesn’t matter what league you are in we welcome work from all members.The library produces posters for this exhibition which are circulated round Edinburgh libraries and the image used for these is usually picked from early entries so there is an incentive to hand your work in as soon as possible!

This is a good opportunity to have some of your work put on public display. If any member is wondering whether to enter or has any questions about it, feel free to ask Doug Hamilton, Sue Hill or in fact anybody wearing a label, for advice.

Doug Hamilton and Sue Hill

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Sep 232014

Sandy Cleland has set up a selection of prints which were accepted at this year’s London Salon in the downstairs gallery at Great King Street.

It will be on display until the end of October.  All members, old and new, are invited to visit this exhibition which contains many superb prints. We are very privileged to host this exhibition and are one of only four venues in Britain to do so.

EPS does its very best to bring you the best of today’s photography – we have had our own International Exhibition during the Festival, which we trust that all members managed to visit at least once.  The RPS Visual Art Group also had their annual exhibtion on display at the same time.  Later this year we will have our annual exhange exhibition with the Dublin Camera Club, as well as a number of exhibitions from groups of the Society.

So don’t say you weren’t told!


Neil Scott



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Jul 112014

Members of EPS did very well in our own International Exhibition this year.

No less than ten members had a total of 19 acceptances (11 colur and 8 mono), which is almost 10 percent of the total.  I haven’t done any research, but I suspect that this might be a record, certainly in recent years.

I suspect that some awards might have been given too, were it not for the ruling that EPS members are eligible only for the Edinburgh Medal.  This year it was Neil Scott’s “turn” to win this medal.  Karen Berry and Neil have alternated in winning this over the last four years!

A very interesting statistic is that this year, only 15 prints were accepted from countries other than Scotland, England and Wales.  I am about to look at the statistics from the 2000 exhibition to the present day and will publish these as soon as I can.


Neil Scott


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May 012014

Seven out of the 40 images selected for the RPS Scotland Members annual traveling exhibition are from EPS members :

Congratulations to James Frost FRPS; Fiona Mackay ARPS; Robert Galloway LRPS; Chick Calder LRPS; Hazel Mason ARPS; Marion Brown LRPS and Doug Berndt ARPS each of whom has an image in the exhibition. The exhibition visits Penicuik Arts Centre, 4 West Street, Penicuik between the 1st and 22nd June. For a full list of venues and dates see here.

Penicuik Arts Centre, 4 West St, Penicuik
Penicuik Arts Centre, 4 West St, Penicuik

Penicuik Arts Centre, 4 West St, Penicuik
Apr 012014

April 1st is All Fool’s Day, but it is no joke that the 152nd Edinburgh International Exhibition of Photography opened for entries on that day.

The Edinburgh International is one of the world’s oldest photographic exhibitions, which accepts only prints.  Indeed after recent changes in other salons we are one of only a very few exhibitions which does so.

You can enter up to four colour and four mono prints to this prestgious exhibition, and full details are found elsewhere on this website, or by going to

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